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MyPCT Mobile App and Web Portal

Project Details

This platform was developed for a physician’s group to keep track of patient treatment and office visits. This platform connects various doctors/physicians as well as it connects them with various healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, etc. to keep track of patients’ journeys through various facilities to ensure timely and important treatment. The major challenge in the project was to identify the various pain points in the timely treatment of patients and how to systematically automate them to provide better care to the patients.

The process started with an in-depth study of the complete life cycle of the patient’s treatment plan including visits to the doctor’s office, surgery center, hospital, etc. All the events that are important for the timely care of the patient were identified and various types of trackers were created to keep track of all those events. Simultaneously, we had our UI/UX team start defining the user journey for various end users. We had made this system scalable, supportable, and secure keeping in mind the sensitive information that was being processed in the platform.

The core binder of this project was a centralized system to keep track of various events during patients’ treatment regardless of the doctor or the facility. It facilitated timely communication among providers and facilities to ensure patients are given the care they need and when they need it. This project aims to elevate the consultation process by utilizing modern technology. It seeks to offer accuracy and efficiency on the physicians’ side to deliver quality healthcare.

Professional Services provided

June 2021
Health Care Technology/Mobile Health/Web portal development